PPC Classroom Gets Your Adwords Account Banned

by Phong Khang on July 21, 2010

After much deliberating I have come the conclusion if that if you follow the methods that Amit Mehta teaches in PPC Classroom then its very likely that you will get your Google Adwords account banned.

I’m not saying that the material is bad. Just needs to be updated. In fact I have to give much credit to Amit’s PPC Classroom course for teaching me the ins and out of PPC marketing. I’m pretty sure without this course I’d be lost and broke trying to figure it out myself.

Your taught to test out an offer by direct linking first which is a great idea. Only problem is that sometimes you won’t know if an affiliate landing page has gotten slapped until you’ve promoted the offer. By then its too late.

I’m not just talking about landing pages that have very little content and no privacy policy, contact us, etc. I’m talking about landing pages that have good content the whole works and then turns out they’ve been slapped.

It wont be long before you wake up one day to find your Adwords account suspended.

Amit goes over a temporary method of using iframe redirects as a way of getting around the 1 url rule to test out an offer but it should also work for getting away with accidentally testing offers that have had their landing pages slapped. Believe it or not you can get your Adwords account reinstated. I’ll talk more about that in a future blog post.

I’ve actually been testing out Glenn Livingston’s Hyper Response club and I truly believe his methods will be the best way to get you on the ground running and profitable. Unlike PPC Classroom where you’ll lose money first before you become profitable, which of course isn’t a bad thing if your breaking even.

Mind you the Hyper Response club isn’t for beginners. They wont go over how to use Adwords and PPC marketing. You should be well versed in this before even joining the program. If not then stick with PPC Classroom before you start on this one.

Understand however that I’m not bashing on PPC Classroom. I just think they need to update their module on direct linking to test out offers because more than likely it’ll get your account banned.

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